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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Camille, the library, and the museum

Yesterday I decided to be the happy chef. I made a pot roast, baked potatoes, and carrots for dinner. It was my first time cooking a roast all on my own. It turned out really good. Camille liked it and praised my cooking skills. I did laundry and cleaned most of the upstairs bathroom. At 4pm I heard the shower turn on. Since I thought I was alone, I was a little alarmed. It turns out that Camille had been asleep all day. So, with waking up twice for bathroom breaks, Camille had slept for 14 hours. She hasn't been feeling well lately. Along with being tired all the time, she is dizzy most of the time. Sometimes it is so bad that she can't get out of bed. I took her to the doctor's office last week but the blood tests came back ok. Now if I could just convince her to go see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. I am worried about her. Anyway, enough about Camille.
I have two interviews tomorrow so I would appreciate positive thoughts from any readers of this blog. The first interview is with a law firm. The other is with the Lee Library on the BYU campus. It would be a wonderful job. I am hopeful but am not getting my hopes up. After Camille and I ate dinner last night, she showed me where the library was. We went inside to find the office where my interview will be and I ended up looking around. What a wonderful building. In the basement there is a small exhibit about World War II. What I found fascinating was several journals. They were all open to various pages. I couldn't help but sit and read everything on those open pages. According to the notes accompanying the books, they have not been published. They were all on loan to the library from the families. What I wouldn't give to be able to read the whole journals. One particular journal caught my eye. As a POW, one man was given the duty, from his LDS group, to be a record keeper. He sketched pictures and wrote daily reports on what was happening in the POW camp. What a fascinating record. Anyway, after we left the library we stopped by the art museum. There is a wonderful exhibit about Christ. We would have stayed for the Impressionist exhibit but it was getting late and Camille and I were getting tired. I plan to get back to the museum this week, probably before or after my interview tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

I loved the Christ exhibit and can't wait to see the Impressionist one. The journals sound fascinating. Good luck with your interviews!

-A said...

Best wishes with all the interviewing. We're thinking of you.