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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cold feet on the Sabbath

On Saturday I had the opportunity to babysit Lauren. I was up in Salt Lake by 12:15 pm to meet Jen, John, Mom and Dad. We ate lunch at the Citrus Grill. While the rest of the group went to see a play, Lauren and I sat on the grass of her front yard. First we watched cars, then the neighbors had their lawn aerated. This was a fascinating event. She held onto a piece of grass and watched with barely a blink of her long eyelashes. The postman commented on her adorable face while handing off the mail. At long last, Lauren and I both decided that it was time for her nap. After a diaper change and a quick story, I put her to bed. Two cries later, she couldn't have been awakened by the four horsemen armed with thunderbolts. I read, watched tv for five minutes, and then decided on a quick nap. I was awakened by my family returning from the play. Apparently, it had some bad language and a mean grandma. I headed home, stopping at the video store along the way. I ended up with episodes of CSI: NY. My foot, the sprained one, was throbbing. I came home to find Sarah hanging pictures and dusting and Camille asleep. After having a dinner of pizza, I worked on my journal and pictures.
Saturday morning began with me leaving early for church. As ward librarian, I have to go early so I can print off the program for Sacrament meeting. Sarah joined my for the rest of church. One of the most interesting parts of church was the Relief Society lesson. The lesson was on the life of Pres. Hinckley and pioneers. At one point, the teacher asked us to all write our names on a piece of paper. She collected them, then invited two elders and one sister into the room. She had them stick their feet in a buckets of water filled with ice. They were really cold. As we all stood, she would read off three names for every thirty seconds the two men and one woman kept their feet completely submerged in the buckets of ice water. After five minutes, you could really tell that they were getting really cold and their feet hurt. As the names were read off, we were saved on our trek through life. The cold feet in ice were to represent the three young men who carried saints across the Sweetwater River. It was a very good lesson. After Sarah and I came home, I made a double batch of cornbread to take to Break the Fast. It was fun to get together and eat with ward members. Jake, Melissa, and Keri sat by us and were very entertaining. Afterwards, Sarah went on a walk while I worked on my blanket. Thus ends the Sabbath Day.


-A said...

Isaac and I stopped by on our way back from Cedar City, but alas you were not to be seen. Now I know you were busy playing with another young relative and can let Isaac know that you were not eaten by the Orem monster as he had supposed.

Jennifer said...

I think Lauren would spend all day outside if she could.