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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stop the maddness....or at least slow it down.

This last week has been quite hectic. I worked 52 hours in order to get everything done. Now that the project of gigantic proportions is done, I now am trying to pick up the slack for a vacationing co-worker. She left for California on Thursday and will not return until the 24th. This meant that the running of new hire orientation yesterday was placed squarely upon my shoulders. It went as well as expected with the exception of two people showing up an hour late, three people showing up who were not on the orientation list, and the laptop computer that was showing a Powerpoint presentation dying halfway through a presentation. Oh the joy of it all! I tried to accomplish everything in a timely and professional. I arrived at work at 8am and left at 7:30pm. I had hours more work to accomplish but my brain has ceased to be effective at that point. I hope the rest of this week will be a little bit calmer than yesterday. I am looking forward to the family reunion this Saturday and hope to have some sort of fun this Friday night. When I have more time, I will write a longer and more detailed update on my life. These days I feel like I am running a sprint race that is miles long. (I actually went to bed at 10pm last night!) It should hopefully calm down after my co-worker comes back. Sadly, my boss then leaves for a week. (Maybe I should just look forward to September when everyone comes back from their vacations.)

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Nana J said...

Once you figure out how to slow things down, please package it and sell it. You will make tons of money.