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Friday, August 15, 2008

Hello from the center of the sun

Ok, so it hasn't been quite that hot in my house lately, but it's been a little warmer than usual. While Sarah and I were watching the Olympics on Tuesday night, the air conditioning went off. We could hear the motor running but no cool air was coming out of the vents. Sarah turned down the temperature but nothing happened. After a call to her parents, she checked the air filter. It was almost a solid mass. It isn't surprising since we had many fans in here two weeks ago to dry off the from the flood. Sarah changed the filter but still, the cursed monster gave no reply. After another call to her parents, it was hypothesised that it had frozen up and we had to wait for it to thaw. (For those of you who know anything about air conditioners, you will know what I mean. I don't have the technical terms to describe it.) Sarah went to sleep at her parents house and I stayed to guard the home front. It actually hasn't been so bad. I just open my bedroom window and Sarah's and let the cross breeze do it's thing. Between that and the fan, I actually got cold last night.
Aunt Diane and Uncle Larry came over last night to take a look. It turns out that there is probably something wrong with the motor and it will have to wait until at least Monday. Luckily, the weathermen say that it won't get above 85 this weekend so I am sitting pretty. Sarah will be staying at her parent's house so I will get to walk around in any state that strikes my fancy. Oh wait, did I say that? Whoops. ;)

On another subject, I am feeling almost 100% and work is going pretty well. I hope my few readers are also feeling well.


scrap chair potato said...

Sorry to hear about your air conditioner. I hope it is fixed soon.
I am glad you are feeling better. :)

Nana J said...

Be sure the blinds are closed!