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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic (and health) update

The last few days have been pretty good for Olympic watching. Between swimming, diving, and gymnastics, I'm probably not getting enough sleep. Sarah and I were both incredibly excited when the USA men won the Mens 4x100 relay in swimming. After all the trash talk from the French, it was awesome when we won. The US is killing it in the swimming events in this Olympics. The last time I checked, Michael Phelps has 3 goals and is in position for a few more. While I'm sure he is sick of the comparison, he really reminds me of watching Thorpe swim for Australia.
We also could barely take our eyes off the Men's Gymnastics team as they won the Bronze medal last night. We stayed up until almost midnight. After the loss of the Hamm brothers, a lot of people didn't expect the US to win a medal at all in this sport. I thought they were especially impressive on the high bar. While I love the US, I have to say the male Chinese gymnasts were amazing. On another note, we took all the medals in women's fencing.
As to my health, I'm feeling ok. My cough is almost gone and my runny nose is slowing down for now. I'm tired; but that could be because I stayed up watching the Olympics. Right now, Sarah and I are watching the Women's Synchro diving.

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Shem said...

I hear you. Still fighting off my cold, I stayed up until midnight Monday night to watch and regretted it all day Tuesday.
U-S-A! U-S-A!