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Sunday, May 10, 2009

San Diego - day 1

I awoke at 8am on May 6th, got ready, and headed off to the airport. I, of course, missed the exit for the Park n' Jet and parked in economy parking (for $6 a day.) I met Josh, Brooke, Tanner and Ava at the gate. Tanner was pretty shy with me, as was Ava, but he warmed up to me a little after I shared my peach rings with him. We got on the airplane and took off. Tanner was pretty unhappy having to be in his carseat. After we took off and I got my drink, I was able to go up and sit by the rest of the family. Tanner got out of his seat and hung out with me. He opened and closed the window coverings and I taught him how to turn on the lights above the seats by pressing the buttons. Luckily, the row I was sitting in was empty besides me.
I never knew how hard it was to travel with small children. I have to give credit to my siblings and any other people who fly with children under the age of 3. In an airport you have to watch them all the time because there are so many people. Plus, you have to juggle strollers and luggage. All in all, I think Ava and Tanner did really well on the flight. We got off in San Diego to a sunny and slightly humid day. We caught the shuttle to the rental car place. Josh then spent over an hour in line. Tanner fell asleep on the shuttle and slept in his stroller while I sang Ava to sleep. They both slept until about 5 minutes before Josh and Brooke got the car, which turned out to be a minivan (thank heavens.) We strapped everyone and everything in and made our way to the hotel. After checking in we decided to go to LaHoya Beach as well as the beach next to it. We walked down the side and even got down on the beach (if you can call it a beach.) The first part we went down didn't really have sand, but it did have interesting rocks and tidepools. The waves would dash against the cliff and spray water up. Tanner had a great time wandering around but was a little shocked when a wave crashed up on us and got him wet. It was a lot of fun. The adults took turns staying up on the walkway with Ava and her stoller and going down with Tanner. We continued to walk down and ended up at LaHoya Beach, where we saw the seals. Afterwards we went to dinner and turned in early. (With each post I will only be showing a few photos. For a larger variety of pictures, click here. Also, I imagine Josh will be uploading many more pictures on his website when he returns.) All in all, it was a good first day.

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