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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tanner's bump on the head

We interrupt this San Diego trip overview to bring you two sad pictures indeed:Tanner was playing on the bed, which I was laying on, when he promptly fell and bumped his head on the bedside table. He cried and immediately formed a goose egg on his head. The poor kid was fine after five minutes but gave us all a good scare. I decided to take a picture of he and his dad a few minutes after that. Tanner is amazing in the fact that he seems to have no fear. He will swing and jump around with no concern for his personal safety and received several scrapes and bruises on this trip. Poor kid (good thing he has such a great attitude and parents that have strong, heart-attack-proof hearts.)

1 comment:

Scrappy said...

Ouch! Poor thing. He is as adorable as ever!