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Monday, May 11, 2009

San Diego - day 3

After the heat of Legoland, we decided to go to the beach on Friday. I dressed in my swimsuit, my new shorts, a t-shirt and flipflops and opened the door to find an overcast and windy day. Such is life. We had breakfast at a great little place called the Corner Bakery Cafe and made our way to Mission Beach. The wind was pretty stiff but we went down to the waves anyway. One foot in and I pulled out of the Artic Circle/Pacific Ocean water. Josh was brave enough to actually go all the way in while I stayed on the shore and held Ava, who looked ever so fetching in her hat. Tanner, come to find out, was afraid of the waves. He didn't like them coming towards him and he definately didn't like his father going into the ocean. He would point to his dad in the ocean and yell a horrible warning and start to cry. It's almost like he had drowned as a sailor in a former life. I got some pretty cute pictures of Tanner running away from the waves and holding on to his dad, as well as a picture of Josh sitting on the beach looking at the ocean with Tanner standing behind him (see left.)
Anyway, after hanging around the beach for a while we walked around Belmont Park and decided to go back to the hotel and go swimming in the warm pool. The pool turned out to be warmer than the ocean but still not warm enough for my tastes. I retired to the hot tub. At least Tanner and Ava were able to get in and splash around a little. Having had enough of the water and the overcast sky, we decided to find something else to do. After showers and new clothes, we drove down to the Maritime Museum, which we discovered cost $14 per person and was very stroller unfriendly. We decided to not go in and wandered the pier until we were all tired. The pier had some great sculptures (see right.) After Tanner and Ava fell asleep in their strollers and the adults were all tired we headed back to the hotel. Overall, the sights were lovely but the weather was not. Tanner actually started to say "Hess" when pointing to me, which I considered a great compliment, and Ava wasn't shy around me at all. I love being an aunt.

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Nana J said...

I remember going to the beach as a young child and being terrified that the waves would sweep me away. My mom held my hand and we stood at the edge of the water with the waves lapping at me feet, while I cried and cried.
The children are so lucky to have such a loving aunt.