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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This past weekend

This weekend was a crazy, tiring one. I worked late on Friday and spent the night catching up on all the stuff I put off until the weekend. On Saturday I got up and cleaned the house, ran errands, took a shower, worked for a little while, and hung out with Sarah. My reward for all this hard work was a chance to see family on Sunday. After a excellent group of church meetings and some visiting teaching, I headed off the Shannon and Michael's house. It was nice to see both of them. Jordan, Alison, and Isaac showed up and we all played games while Isaac toddled around looking at things and playing with toys. I am amazed how well he is walking these days. I didn't stay too late because I was tired from staying up until 4:30 am reading. (I know; I'm a book addict :) I also needed some rest for new hire orientation the next day.

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-A said...

It was so fun to see you on Sunday! I'm glad you were able to come up for awhile.

Oh, and I'm supposed to pass on a "hi" from Nikki and D- and C- (I can't remember their names, but I think those are the first initials) and all your other pals from the Syracuse library. We stopped in after taking Isaac to his pediatrician today and they all said that you are wonderful and they miss you, but are glad you are enjoying yourself in Orem.