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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Weekend report

Although it has been a while since this last weekend, a brief report is needed. On Saturday morning, I drove up to Kaysville to help with Josh and Brooke's move. When I arrived at home, I found my mom, Jen, and Lauren. Obviously, Lauren needed me to play with her. Brooke then dropped Tanner off and he needed his aunt to sing to him. After the moving was over, people came back and I was able to see Isaac as well. What a lucky aunt I am. After playing with my kids, I went shopping for a shirt and a birthday gift for Sid. After I got home I got ready for a wedding reception. Jen Taylor and her fiancee Dan got married in the Ogden Temple and had a lovely outside reception. Ryan, Brit, and I rode together. After the reception, the three of us went out to dinner with Jacq, Travis, Hali, and Mark. It was great to get together since it had been almost a year since we had all been together. Afterwards I ended up at Ryan's house and stayed to talk. On Sunday, I awoke too late to go to church with my parents. I ended up at my old singles ward. It was strange. After six months, I only knew a dozen people in the congregation. Apparently a lot can change in six months. After church, the preparations for the birthday celebration of Sidney and Grandma Johnsen began. I ended up buying Sidney a book about being a princess, along with a plastic crown. The whole family had a wonderful time. After dinner we talked and Lauren, Sid, Isaac, and Wyatt played outside with some rather large balls. All in all, a very good weekend.

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