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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Two fun nights

On Friday night, Sarah and I, only with other ward members, went to an OWLZ game at UVSC. It was a lot of fun. I went a little late to the tailgate party because of work, but I managed to make the game. It was slow to begin with and the score remained 0-0 for eight innings. In the end of the ninth inning, the OWLZ scored and we won! It was a lot of fun. I like going to baseball games. On Saturday I slept in, then did some cleaning while Sarah went golfing. In the afternoon, I took a shower in preparation for the night. At 5pm, I met Sarah over at Tahitian Noni for her work party. It was a lot of fun. They had great food, and great entertainment. Eight employees participated in Tahitian Noni Idol, half of which were excellent. Everyone did a pretty good job though. There were huge blow-up toys for the kids and some other games. We met up with Aunt Diane and Uncle Larry for a little while and saw Taylor and Easton. After dinner, the entertainment was the Dueling Pianos. For any of you who have never seen these two gentlemen, and I suspect many of you have not, they are worth looking into. They usually work at the Tavernacle, which is a non-smoking bar in Salt Lake. These two guys know a lot of songs, and one of them also knows how to play the guitar. They take requests and make funny comments as they sing the songs. By 10pm, the night was over. Thanks for inviting me Sarah! I had a lot of fun.

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