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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Last day/first day

My last day at Prosper was Monday. It was strange. In the morning I had almost nothing to do since I had trained everyone else to do the various parts of my job. I walked around and said goodbye to some people, two of which are shown below. (Sherri and Emily are two of my closest Prosper friends and I can't believe I managed to say goodbye without crying.)

In the afternoon I helped Erin put the new hires into the system, answered a few questions while Cami wrangled with the team list, and made generally obnoxious comments. I sent some final e-mails and made sure my out-of-office had the contact information for all my projects/responsibilities. I said good-bye to the the HR staff. Travis, Cami, and Erin all wished me good luck. Susan and I said good-bye during my exit interview and Bradley came out and shook my hand. Emily walked me out to my car and we said a final "see you later" since a couple of us are going to lunch together next week. I learned so much from working at Prosper. Even though it could be very frustrating and tiring at times, I'm glad I worked there. On a strange note, it turns out that Monday was the last day for another person working at Prosper. I won't mention a name since I generally try not to embarrass others, but his leaving surprised most people. If I had known it was his last day as well, I would have shared my good-bye candy with him. Once again, I didn't manage to get a picture of Susan.

My first day at CR was interesting. My new boss, we'll call him M, was really busy and didn't really have time to talk. Natasha trained me on the phones and e-mail system (they use Zimbra, something that I have never used before.) I met lots of new people, who all seemed really nice. I also met my other boss, we'll call him R. I will be helping R with Human Resources and M with all sorts of random projects. Hopefully I will get to meet with M tomorrow to discuss responsibilities and expectations. (It's hard to exceed expectations when you don't know them.) Although change is really scary, I think this was a good one.

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Shem said...

Jess, we miss you so much. And the stupid IM problem makes it worse. I can't talk to you. Yesterday Emily told me something you had said to her on IM and I just got jealous.

Where are we having lunch?