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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving/Birthday weekend

On Wednesday I was able to leave work a little early and drive up to Salt Lake. I babysat Lauren and slept over at John and Jen's house. It was a lot of fun but I was exhausted because of a cold I had (and still have.) Lauren was as cute as ever. That girl seems to have endless energy. The next day, Thanksgiving, I drove up to my parent's house. Along with 27 or so other members of the family, I enjoyed an amazing meal that was mostly made by my parents. I am always amazed at all my parents do each Thanksgiving. There was plenty of food and talk to go around. Later, a group played dodge ball and a few board/card games. I stayed up late talking and slept in Friday morning. I spent most of the day chilling out because my cold symptoms were so bad. I did manage to meet with an insurance agent and finalize my car paperwork though. Mom, Dad, Nancy, Jen, Jeremy, and Britnie went to see the plastination exhibit at The Leonardo in Salt Lake. Renee and Grandma Roberts babysat Lauren for Jen. That night, Mom, Grandma, Renee, and I watched a BBC movie and then Renee, Dad, and I watched a Jeff Dunham video. (He's a puppeteer that has amusing but inappropriate humor. My favorite puppets were Achmed the Dead Terrorist and Peanut.)

On Saturday morning, I was awakened by my mother telling me that there were pullaparts ready and that I should give some people a ride in my new car. Once I had truly awakened from my NyQuil-induced stupor, I drove them to Costco and then Mom started on dinner while some of the rest of us cleaned the house. My family arrived for my birthday dinner around 4:30. All the kids were so cute, even if I couldn't hold or kiss them because of the cold. Some of the kids were pretty tired because they didn't take naps. Mom made potato soup as well as tomato soup and breadsticks. I am always amazed at how great Mom's soups are. We also had a great chocolate cake that Josh and Brooke had posted on their blog. Renee, Nancy, and I stayed up until after 2am talking. Sunday morning brought another great meal (breakfast cake, eggs, hash browns, bacon, milk, and orange juice.) After a shower, cleaning, and taking empty boxes and my luggage to my car, I talked with everyone for at least another 2 hours. Tonight I've been packing my room and returning e-mails.
All in all, it was a great weekend. I loved seeing all of my family members and eating all the amazing food. This coming week should be interesting. I will be moving on Saturday so I want to make sure that 98% of my stuff is packed and ready to go by Friday night. All of the stuff that I will need on Saturday (clothes, bathroom stuff, etc.) will go into a suitcase so that everything will be ready for those who will help me move on Saturday morning. I don't know my roommates but I choose to believe that we will all get along and become great friends. I will have 4 roommates but each of us have our own rooms. Here's a picture of the house that I will be living in:

Thus my blog entry ends. It was a great, if not slightly tiring, weekend. I loved seeing my family, driving my car, and eating great food.


scrap chair potato said...

Happy Birthday!!
It looks like you had a great weekend. I LOVE Thanksgiving at your mom and dad's house. I miss it.

Shem said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Happy Birthday!

Nana J said...

It looks like a great house. We can't wait to see it this weekend. It was so good to have you home this past weekend.