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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A new car

For those of you who don't know already, I bought a new car. I bought a 4-door dark grey Toyota Corolla and I love it. It is awesome. I love knowing that my car is safe, getting good gas mileage, and is reliable. The picture is not exactly my car but it is pretty close.
I love it but I kind of freaked out the day after I bought it. Other than owing my parents a few hundred dollars, I've never owed people money. Yes, every once in a while I would borrow $20 or so from someone if I didn't have any cash, but I always paid it back as soon as possible. I now owe thousands of dollars and it makes me really uncomfortable. I don't know how people live with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. I have read stories about people who have $300-$400K of debt and I can't imagine how they must feel. I have since calmed down though.
Anyway, my consolation is that I know I can afford the payments and still pay my rent, phone bill, buy food, and have a little fun. I will probably still tighten my financial belt though. Anyway, I am really excited that I have a new car. Yeah me!
Now I need everyone's help to nickname my car. The old Saturn, depending on how it was running, was called The Red Devil or Big Red. Any suggestion for the new car?
(As a side note, no one gets a ride in my new car if they have food, drink, dirty clothes, or even dirty thoughts. :) Just try it.)


Josh said...

Congratulations. It's beautiful!

mommyofthree said...

Gray Thunder? Elephant? Mouse? Hippo? :) Okay, so there are not a lot of gray things. I think the name will come to you. Congratulations!

JWJohnsen said...

Name suggestions off the top of my head, keep in mind that these are based on the ultra-cool picture and not your actual car:

1) Jaxon/Jason/Remington Steele
2) Bossie the Old Gray Mare
3) Flint (Street)
4) Cobalt
5) Colt/Browning/any other gun manufacturer's name
6) Jimmy (Dugan)
7) The Orrin Porter Rockwell Express
8) Knap
9) The .08 Special
10) The Magnet Magnet

More forthcoming if you ask me this weekend.

gma dibb said...

No food, drink, etc. Even your adorable nieces and nephews???

Allyson said...

Pretty car!

Shem said...

Wow! How exciting. I remember feeling a pit in my stomach the first time I bought my own car. It was awful. I named that car Pete.

How about....


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