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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Babysitting Lauren

On Tuesday, May 8th, I got the chance to babysit Lauren. On Sunday, my mom had reminded me that she, Dad, John, and Jen had a play on Tuesday and that I was to babysit Lauren. I made a mental note to be off work early so I could make it on time. I went over the the Larry and Diane's neighbor on Monday and asked if she would be able to take care of Dexter on Tuesday night. She said that she would be happy to do so. I had to work until at least five but promised myself that I wouldn't work a minute past that time. Five o'clock rolled around the people started to come and ask me questions. I explained the situation and then ran for the door. I met Jen, John, Lauren, Mom, Dad, Michael, Shannon, and Katie at a restaurant at the Gateway. They had ordered me an appetizer and some water. We ate a very good meal, then split up. I took my parents van back to Jen and John's house and they took my car to the play. On the way home, Lauren and I stopped at Barnes and Noble to buy Dad his birthday present. We then made our way home. We played on the grass for a little while and watched cars go by. I am not sure why but Lauren seems to love being outside. Maybe it is the fact that there are so many things to look at and touch. Afterwards we went inside and she showed me how she can take the star-shaped rings off her toy. She also tried to climb me when she realized that I was holding a camera. It was pretty cute. We sang, read some books, and she was in bed by 9:15pm. I watched Jane Eyre. When Jen and John came home, I left for home. It was a fun night.

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