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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I have to say that work can be very interesting at times. Last week was interesting because one of my HR coworkers was on vacation and another one was sick. That left me, the head of HR, and a PR girl named Candra in the Human Resources department. Yesterday was Candra's last day. Today my immediate boss, Joee, is in Idaho for a three-day business trip. That leaves me, Tamara (who's last day is Friday), and the head of HR. For a person who has only been here for three weeks, this is an interesting situation. While I am enjoying working at my own pace and have plenty to do, I do occasionally have questions. When the head of HR is in a meeting, which is frequently, I don't really have anyone to ask. Information in the HR department is of a highly sensitive nature, so I cannot just go ask a random person outside of the department. It can be frustrating at times. At the end of Mr. Marrot,s meetings, I inevitably almost run him over so that I can ask him questions before his next meeting starts. Overall, I am enjoying this job. I am kept very busy and have already been given quite a bit of trust with sensitive information. I am learning new computer programs, new HR protocol, and how to deal with all sorts of situations. I hope I am doing a good job and am a benefit to the department.
Right now I am sitting at the receptionists desk, typing because I have nothing else that I can do. The receptionist is at lunch and there was no one to replace her today. My mountain of work is sitting at my desk in the HR department, but I am not allowed to bring some of that sensitive information out into the open area. I don't have access to my work e-mail or other programs that I could work on. So I sit, waiting for her return so that I may go to lunch myself and then race back to my own work. Even as I type, I am making mental lists of what I will tackle first and what needs to be completed by the end of work today. Hopefully my loyal readers will not have been too annoyed by this impromptu post.

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PMDahlgrenFamily said...

Not annoyed at all--in fact happy for an update. I am glad to hear that things are going well for you, albeit busy! Keep up the good work.