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Monday, May 07, 2007

Friday and a missing roommate

I had a crazy day at work on Friday. On the usual Friday before new employee orientation, Joee and I would usually make sure all the paperwork was in order and call everyone to remind them about their 9 am meeting time. This Friday was quite a different story. Joee was on a business trip to Idaho, so I had to prepare for orientation alone. The owner of the company came to the HR department and said that eight new people would be starting on Monday; eight salespeople who had never filled out paperwork or had their background checks done. I had to go in and give a small speech about the paperwork. After a very long day at work, I went up to Salt Lake for dinner at Chili's with Ryan, John, Curtis, and lawyer Ryan. For Ryan's birthday, which was the next day, I got him a movie and card. Afterwards, we all went to Ryan and Bryan's house to meet with friends. I had a great conversation with bald Ryan about life and death and missing people. When I got home, Sarah was just starting to pack for her trip to Europe. Camille was out with Dave. At this point, I hadn't seen her for a day or two. I went to bed and read a little more of my book, Bel Canto. Jen recommended it to me. So far, it is really interesting. The next morning, I awoke at 6:15 am to take Sarah over to her parents house so that they could go to the airport. Diane and Larry gave me last minute instructions on how to care for Dexter, their old boxer. Apparently, his health is not good. He has a thyroid condition and liver problems. He has lost a lot of hair on his back. For the next two week it is my job to keep him fed, watered, and active. Thus started my Saturday. I miss Sarah already.

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