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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jessica the receptionist

I have been a receptionist for an hour now. The usual receptionist for the front desk, Connie, had a doctor's appointment and forgot to ask one of the other receptionists to cover for her. Thus, my current position. In this temporary spot at the front desk, I am unable to do my own work. Thus I am reduced to keeping myself busy by other means. I hope all of you are having a good day. Yesterday, Monday, was a fairly busy one for me. I worked for 9 and a half hours in order to make up some time I am taking off on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment. I went home and ate some dinner, then drove Camille and myself to Family Home Evening. Afterwards, I went to take Dexter for a walk. We went around the park and around the block, which is farther than we usually go. He must have been feeling spry that night. I then returned home to empty the dishwasher, clean some pots, take the garbage can out for pick-up and take a shower. I was in bed by 10:45 pm and asleep by 11:15 pm. I think that is some kind of record for me. It usually takes by an hour to fall asleep.

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