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Friday, May 11, 2007

Tanner's blessing

On Sunday, May 6th, my newest darling nephew was blessed. Tanner Cole was blessed by his father, Josh. I sadly missed it. My story starts at 8 am in the morning when I arose, had breakfast, and dressed for the occasion. I then went over to Diane and Larry's house to take care of Dexter the dog. I unlocked the front door, set my keys on the dining room table and then gave Dexter his medicine and food. Afterwards, I went out the front door and put him in his kennel. When I returned, I found the front door locked. Since I had unlocked it fifteen minutes earlier, I couldn't understand what had happened. I went across the street to the neighbor's house to ask for their key and no one answered my repeated doorbell rings and knocks. I then went around the tried every door and window on Diane and Larry's house to see if any were unlocked. Fort Knox would have been easier to break into. I returned to my car, which I had mercifully left unlocked and called Larry's cell phone. I hated to bother them in Europe but I had no way of getting home or into their house. I was hoping there was a hidden key somewhere. Alas, it was not to be. He called his son's wife's sister and she brought a key over. In the meantime, a nice neighbor who was walking her dog kept me company. I will have to take her some cookies some day. By the time I left Orem it was 10:45. Since the blessing took place in a sacrament meeting that began at 11 am, I knew I wouldn't make it. I cried a little then resolved to make the best of a bad situation and drive 75 miles per hour the whole way. I got to the chapel after the blessing but still got to sit with my family. After Tanner's blessing, we all made our way to Mom and Dad's house for a great meal and wonderful company. The weather had cleared so we were able to have it outside. The babies, Lauren, Isaac, Wyatt, and Tanner kept us all entertained. I left Kaysville around 7pm in order to get back for ward prayer. I made it back to Orem a little early and went to take Dexter into the house. When I went to the church for ward prayer, there was no one there. They had canceled it. Such was my Sunday.

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