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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Goodbye Camille

A week ago, Camille mentioned to me that she was going to start looking for a new place to live for August. She needed to start now so that she could be in BYU approved housing by the time school started. "Okey, dokey" I replied. On Tuesday she told me that she was quiting her job and looking for another one. "Ok" I replied. On Thursday she told me that she had found an apartment and said she would probably move into it in a few days because she wanted to take a class during summer semester. "Let me know when and where so I can help" was my answer. On Thursday Camille told me that she was most likely moving sometime on Saturday. I said "let me know what time because I need to make a car appointment for sometime Saturday." "Ok" was Camille's reply. When I got home on Friday, Camille had moved all of her stuff out of the apartment. The dresser was empty, the toothbrush and hair stuff was gone, some of her food was gone from the fridge, freezer, and pantry, and her sheets and comforter were gone from her bed. She and her boyfriend, Dave, had moved everything on Friday afternoon to her new apartment. She is now living a block south of BYU and has a job somewhere on campus. What a difference a week makes! I went from two roommates to one. Such is life I suppose. I will miss Camille. She was very nice person. Luckily, she isn't that far away.

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