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Sunday, June 03, 2007


On Saturday morning, I awoke to a feeling of fatigue and a slightly upset stomach. After making sure that my computer was properly installed downstairs, I quickly got dressed and headed north to meet my family. I made really good time and made it to my parents house before they had left. I discovered that Jordan, Alison, and Isaac were planning on going to Lagoon-a-beach and I had forgot my swimming suit. I then decided to run over to Target and pick up a swimming suit so that I could join in the fun. (I now remember why I haven't bought a swimming suit in years. Yuck!) I made it to the Bowery in time for lunch where I was joined by my parents, Jeremy and Sidney, John, Jen, and Lauren, Jordan, Alison, and Isaac, and Brooke, Josh, and Tanner. After flat hamburgers, Jordan, Alison, Isaac, and I descended upon the water for some fun. I decided to take care of Isaac in the children's area so that Jordan and Alison could have some fun. Sadly, the water was kind of cold. Isaac, however, took it in stride and soon discovered a very fun drain to splash in. He seemed to love the sound of the drain sucking water down. After two hours, we were done and joined the rest of the family in the rest of the park. At this time, my stomach had made no move towards being calmer. I decided riding the train was about all I could handle. Dad and I took Isaac on the train and I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening taking care of babies/toddlers. By the end of the night, I was pretty tired. (I've forgotten how heavy 20 lbs can be after a couple of hours :) We had a dinner of pizza, which we ate on the grass so the babies could play. (I think both Josh and Tanner fell asleep for a little while.) Sidney helped Lauren walk and Wyatt stuck his foot in a piece of pizza. Then we made our way to Rattlesnake Rapids, where Jeremy, Britnie, John, Jen, Sidney, Alison, and Jordan rode while Dad, Mom, and I played with the babies. I loved seeing my family but I was really glad to get back home. I took a shower and was in bed by 11:40 pm. I took some great pictures of the kids and the rest of the family; some of which are included in this blog.


Josh and Brooke said...

I was sure tired at Lagoon, but we had a lot of fun. Great pictures, Jess.

-A said...

It's too bad you weren't feeling better. Isaac said to make sure you knew he had tons of fun and to tell you thanks for swimming with him.

jjohnsen said...

We had a great time, it was nice hanging out with everyone.