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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Who wouldn't want Carl on their answering machine?

One of the coolest radio programs around is Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR. Jordan introduced my entire family to it last year. This last Thursday, the radio show came to Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake to tape their show. Wait, Wait is usually taped in Chicago but every once in a while they go on the road. My mom got Jordan, Alison, Mom, Dad, and I tickets for it. So on Thursday night, I left work a little before 5pm and drove into Salt Lake. After battling traffic I finally met up with the others at Red Rock cafe. From there we went to Kingsbury Hall and had a great time. It is amazing how fun it is to see a radio show broadcast. This broadcast took over an hour but will eventually be edited down to 45 minutes. The audience got to see the hilarious behind-the-scenes wit of Mo Rocca, Paula Poundstone, Tom Bodett, Peter Sagal, and Carl Kasell. I laughed so hard I cried. In a note of embarrassment, I actually took two pictures during the broadcast. They did not announce that we couldn't and other people were taking pictures. However, I usually have enough class not to take pictures. Sadly, I could not resist. I hope you enjoy these pictures, along with my slight guilt. Also, I would like to thank Curtis for the title of this blog.


Diane said...

This is definitely a show I need to catch up on. I have always enjoyed Paula Poundstone and Mo Rocca when they have been on Leno, etc.

jjohnsen said...

I just listened to the podcast. Donnie Osmond was kind of a dud as a guest, but the rest was pretty good.