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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A to Z's of Me

What does a person do when they fill in for reception? Why a Meme of course!

A-Age: 27
B-Bed size: Twin (used to be a double; how I miss it!)
C-Chore I love: dishes (except when I have to do every one's all the time)
D-Dessert you love: Um, chocolate anything. (Just don't put fruit in it; yuck!)
E-Essential start your day item(s): alarm clock, radio, prayer, and bathroom.
F-Favorite movie(s): Pride and Prejudice
G-Gold or Silver: Silver
H-Height: 5'4 and slowly shrinking
I-Instruments you play: None (wait, does singing count?)
J-Job Title: Database Administrator and general HR Assistant
K-Kids: six nieces and nephews
L-Living Arrangements: 2 roommates in a townhouse
M-Most important things in life: Family, family, oh, and family. Maybe books and music go along.
N-Nicknames: Jess, Aunt Jess, (She who will not be named or crossed :)
O-Obsessions: Books, reading, my "kids," chocolate
P-Phobia: Tall buildings, terrorists
Q-Quotes: "No one can make you have a bad day." Quote from Mom I try to remember.
R-Right or left handed: right handed
S-Siblings: One sister and three brothers; all excellent
T-Top 3 favorite activities: reading, playing with friends/family, creating things
U-Unique thing about me: health history, being unaware that I am singing to myself
V-Vegetable I hate: Most of them but especially peppers
W-World Travels: I have only been in the U.S. but I hope to go to Europe
X-X-men; what superpower would you want: flying and being a human lie detector
Y-Yummy food you remember from your childhood: Mom's homemade bread, rice pudding, and Roberts Christmas Drink.
Z-Zodiac sign: Sagittarius


Josh and Brooke said...

Terrorists? Really?

Jess said...

As much as I have a phobia about anything else. I fear being taken hostage and hurt. I don't really have any serious phobias to list.

Jennifer said...

It's fun to learn some new things about you.