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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween with the family

Last Saturday I was able to go home and spend time with my family. I went home early to help set up. Sidney and Dad were hard at work decorating. I did my part, then got ready for the party. I got to speak with Jordan and Josh before the party, but Jordan had to go to work. Everyone else was able to come though. The costumes were great. Dad took this picture of me and the kids:

I haven't the slightest idea what all the kids are looking at. I apparently think something is funny though. After pictures we played pin the nose on the pumpkin, throw the candy in the jar, and find the ghosts. We then went in to eat. It was crazy since I was sitting at the kids table with Lauren, Wyatt, and Isaac. Sadly, they were all pretty distracted. After eating, we went into the front room. Lauren, Wyatt, Sidney, and Isaac ran around in circles while I held Ava and watched from the sofa. It was actually pretty funny. I got so distracted that I forgot to take dinner to Jordan, and Alison had to run it down. I eventually headed home. I would have stayed over but I had to teach the Relief Society lesson the next day. It was all about putting more meaning into your prayers. It end up being a pretty good lesson. My favorite picture that I took from Saturday is this one:

I love this picture of Dad and Ava. You can see the love on Dad's face for his newest grandchild.

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