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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

911 fun (it's a long story)

Tuesday was a stressful day at work. Since I took Friday off, I was playing catch-up after staying late on Monday night. After 5pm I went upstairs to talk to Emily, and discuss a new wrinkle in the sales department. After I came downstairs, I sent an e-mail and printed off a piece of paper. After going over to the printer, the next thing I remember is laying on a stretcher in an ambulance. For an explanation of what happened, I actually had to talk to Ben, the Facilities Manager. Here was his basic explanation:

Ben was looking for me because he wanted me to send an e-mail. He passed by the HR area but didn't see me. Then a sales manager, Patrick, came in with some paperwork and found me on the floor. Apparently I was sitting upright but immersed in a cold sweat and complaining of chest pain. I then fainted. They stretched me out so I was laying flat. Ben called 911 and members of IT came out to help. Because Ben's phone wouldn't get reception inside the HR area, he went out by the door. More than one person formed a line from me to Ben so that he could relay information to the 911 operator. Someone said that I wasn't breathing although I don't know if that's true. I was told that I then gasped for air and when wheezed. By the time the EMT guys came, I had regained conciousness although I don't remember that. I apparently told them to call my roommate and cousin, Sarah. I also apprently told someone to lock the HR area and make sure the door was closed. I don't really remember any of that.

When I came back to the world, I started making conversation with the EMT guys while they drew blood and hooked up an IV. My chest really, really hurt and I couldn't feel my legs, feet, arms, hands, and my face. As a precaution, they gave me Asprin, which tasted like rancid Tang. They took me to the hospital in Provo. They eventually took me in a room that was decorated in a Finding Nemo theme. They ran some tests including a EKG and an X-Ray. Sarah and Aunt Diane met me at the hospital. They had called my parents, who I then talked to over the phone. After about an hour and a half, I finally regained feeling in my legs, but not my feet. I also could feel my hands unless I raised them at all. At that point, they would loose feeling again. They cleared my chest, which felt much better after two hours. Eventually they released me, with the words that I should probably start doing yoga or meditation. Apparently stress, exhaustion, and a panic attack is enough to lay me out for the night. My parents eventually took me home, after a quick meal. I went to bed after talking to Sarah for a few minutes. I woke once, at about 3am. That's when I realized that I had fallen asleep with my light on. I slept until about 2:30pm, when I woke up I had some food, took a shower, and then decided to run some errands. I went to the bank and post office, then to work to make sure it hadn't blown up without me. Everyone was pretty worried about me (it's nice to know that I'm loved) and I only stayed a little while. Since then, Sarah and I have been watching episodes of Bones. We also watched the season debut of Private Practice.

Anyway, I'm feeling better although I am still a little tired. As a side note, Prosper sent me some great flowers (see picture above.) Also, I received my acceptance letter to Utah Valley University.


Allyson said...

I heard that you had been to the hospital; I am so glad that you are doing ok! You do way too much - you should check out yoga, I used to do it and loved it, now I just don't have time...ya.

Take care of yourself!

mommyofthree said...

That is scary! Hope you are feeling better.

Josh said...

Wow. I was at the house when mom and dad got the call. I'm glad that you're alright!

-A said...

Apparently, your life isn't quite spicy enough for your taste. Now, never do it again! ;-)

Shem said...

We were worried sick. Nothing at this place is worth your health. Take care of yourself.