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Monday, October 20, 2008


On Saturday, I was able to do two fun things. In the afternoon I saw Isaac and Aaron. Alison came down to Orem for a book event at the mall and I took Isaac and Aaron to the library. We saw the boat, read a book, rode several elevators, and ran up and down the grassy hill outside. We had a lot of fun. Aaron sat at the bottom of the hill and Isaac and I ran up and down. Every time we ran down, Isaac would laugh hysterically. It was so much fun and Isaac didn't want to leave. At 5pm, Alison took the boys home and I drove up to Salt Lake to meet Ryan. I hadn't seen Ryan in person since the early spring, so it was nice to see him. He and I ate at Paradise Bakery. Afterwards we went to see Thriller on the U of U campus. It was great, as usual. I found some great pictures online of the performance here:
As usual, Odyssey Dance Theater did a wonderful job. My favorites were The Curse of the Mummy, Jason Jam, Salem's Mass, and the River of Blood Dance. If any of you can get tickets, I would highly recommend it.
Afterwards I got to see Ryan's house (or where he rents a room.)


Sarah said...

I'm trying to decide how I feel about going next year... what with them adding a dance from "The Grudge."
That movie seriously traumatized me for a long time. Lame, I know. (But I seriously had to sleep with my closet doors closed for more than a year after I saw the movie.)

Shem said...

We went to Thriller last year. I really liked it. I remember there was a skeleton dance with black lights that was really good!