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Friday, October 17, 2008

This week

This week has been a little strange. On Monday I went to work as usual, but it was a very long day. There's something called the team list; it's a bear of a project that happens every week. This Monday it took a very long time and caused me considerable stress. On Tuesday I went to work with a sore throat. I felt so awful by noon that I decided to leave at 1:30 and take a quick nap. I was planning to return to work after an hour and a half. I ended up sleeping until 7:30pm, despite setting my alarm. When I awoke, I felt horrible. I was so cold that I was wearing pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and socks and I had two blankets and my heavy quilt on me. I probably lost two pounds in sweat alone (sorry for the gross details.) According to the digital thermometer, I had a temperature of 102.5. I went back to bed at 9:30 and slept until 11am the next day. I then went to a car appointment and to work. I was so behind that I worked until 9pm on Wednesday night and I was at work by 10am on Thursday. I had 76 new e-mails in my inbox to deal with. At 6pm I remembered that I had tickets to Aida at the Hale Center Theater. I called Sarah and planned to meet her to go. I ended up going home at 6:30, so she and I enjoyed a quick dinner of cereal, followed by a ten minute showing of the house to prospective buyers.
As for Aida, it was pretty good. The first time I saw Aida was at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake. I drove down from my job by West Yellowstone, Montana, to join my parents. I loved it and took the CD back to Montana. I would listen to it as I closed up shop every night. I was so excited to share it with Sarah. My review is as follows: it was pretty good. The main male character was excellent. Greg Hansen was a lead in another play I saw this year, She Loves Me. The female lead struggled. I wasn't sure if it was a talent thing or a voice thing. By that, I mean that she may have been loosing her voice but I'm still not sure. After talking to a co-worker today, I think she may have been loosing her voice. According to the Broadway-loving co-worker, she is usually an excellent singer. Of the supporting characters, my favorite was the man who played Mereb. His name is Jared Young, and he apparently played Nephi in the Liken the Scripture series (which I haven't seen.) In the small, theater in the round style I thought that sets and choreography would suffer. For as small a space as they had to work with, they did a good job. All in all, I would recommend it, especially for those who have never had the opportunity to see Aida before.
Today I am feeling a little better. My nose isn't running as much and I am almost back to my normal self. I expressed another strong opinion at work, for which I may or may not get in trouble for on Monday, but I was still able to get a lot done. After feeling so rotten most of the week. I decided to take off at 3pm today. Now, I sit at the computer. Tomorrow I am looking forward to watching Thriller with a good friend of mine. Man, who's ready for a nap after such a week as this?


Sarah said...

I'm so lucky that I got to go with you to the theater twice!! I have to say, I really liked Aida. Though Elton REALLY came through on a couple of the songs, which was slightly disracting. I kept expecting the characters singing those songs to pull out colored-glass eyewear. :) Really beautiful music, though, and I have to agree with you on the talent situation.
Thanks again for taking me!

scrap chair potato said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. It sounds like your body had a rough week. I hope you feel 100% soon. :)