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Monday, October 06, 2008

Rainy Saturdays aren't so bad

On Saturday I drove up to Mom and Dad's house. The rain was pouring down so I had the fun experience of hydroplaning twice. I got a late start and didn't end up leaving until the end of the first session of General Conference. By the time I got there, Tanner had gone down for his nap so I regaled my parents with stories from work and my life. Tanner woke up, we played a little, then Josh and Brooke came home from the hospital. I couldn't believe how great Brooke looked after having a c-section. They let me hold Ava, who was sleeping soundly. She is so darling. It is always strange to hold a newborn since they are so small and generally are asleep. I love the way that they curl into a ball and snuggle into you. Anyway, after a diaper change, Josh, Brooke, Tanner, and Ava were off. I listened to General Conference while I was on the computer, then Mom and I went to dinner at Crown Burger while Dad went to the Priesthood Session. It was nice to talk with Mom about everything. At night, Mom taught me how to make cinnamon rolls and I stayed up a little too late.

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