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Monday, October 06, 2008

Sunday in the outdoors

On Sunday I was awakened by Lauren jumping on my bed. She told me, in her sweet voice, to come downstairs for breakfast. I went downstairs and had a great breakfast with my extended family (minus Josh and his family.) My parents really outdid themselves with fruit, omelets, sweet rolls, peach crisp, muffins, and bacon. We watched Conference, with most of the kids playing downstairs. Lauren, Wyatt, and Isaac had lots of fun playing downstairs on the slide and with the toy kitchen. After Conference, Jen, John, and Lauren went home while the rest of us went to Nichols Park so that Jeremy took pictures of Jordan, Alison, Isaac, and Aaron. I did my part by making Isaac laugh by pretending to sniff, almost eat, and be totally grossed out by a rotting nut I found on the ground. Afterwards, Sidney and I explored the ravine (or whatever it is called.) We took lots of pictures and had fun talking about the water cycle, deer, and life in general. After a phone call from her Dad telling us it was time to end the adventure, we headed back. Jordan found us after a while and graciously helped Sidney up the steep slope. Jordan and Alison took their kids home to take a nap and Sidney and I played on the playground for a little while. Eventually we returned to Mom and Dad's house, where I consumed yet another sweet roll and thought about heading home. We watched the last of Conference, then Aaron woke up. He is such a cute boy. He was especially cute when he was trying to take his father's glasses off his head while all of them were on the couch. I stayed too late talking to them, then I drove home. I took a quick shower, then went off to Hayleigh's blessing. I missed the actual blessing but stayed to eat and talk with Diane, Mom, Dad, Sarah, and Heather's great-grandpa. Afterwards, I went home to unpack and realized that I had left all of my toiletries in Kaysville. Luckily, I had a travel toothbrush and toothpaste at home. I watched Brothers and Sisters on tv, then got ready for bed. I wasn't very tired until I started thinking about what I needed to accomplish at work the next day. Suddenly I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open. Oh well, such is life. The pictures from the park are in the next blog post.

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