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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

Every 4th of July, my family goes over to Allred's house for food, fun, and fireworks. This year it rained, then cleared up enough to watch the fireworks. Usually we eat outside, but this year the adults ate upstairs while the kids (ie those under the age of 31) ate downstairs. My niece, who is five, came over and had fun with the digital camera. The following pictures were taken by her. For a little kid, I think she is pretty good. Of course, I included some of the bad ones for laughs. One includes a lovely shot of carpet and my feet. Good thing I painted my toenails :) I apologize for anyone who is looking at this with dial-up since there are a lot of pictures in this blog entry.

The carpet; along with my foot in the top of the screen.

Gracie, a cute, hyper dog.

Three of the Allred girls: Tiffany, Treena, and Taryn. They are all really cool. Trisha was missing. (She may have already been proposed to when this picture was taken :)

This is a picture of me. I really was smiling, but my niece is a lot shorter than me. I guess she forgot to angle the camera up.This is my mom and her best friend, Missy. When the two of them get together, either tears or laughter usually follows.
I actually took the last two pictures. The fireworks were pretty good although I, along with the Allred girls, was confused by the music. Only half the songs were patriotic. The others must have been chosen because they were the favorite songs of a member of the city council or another reason as equally important as that. All in all, a fun night was had by all. The only thing missing was someone to snuggle with during the fireworks. Oh well, maybe next year.

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JAJ said...

You know, Sidney managed to get your entire outfit documented . . . all we're missing is the hair-do. Sounds like you all had fun.