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Monday, July 31, 2006

A definition

While reading a book this past week, I noticed that there was a plaque in the front. It stated that the book had been donated by the Philology Circle. Interested, I looked up the meaning of the word philology. I read the following:
Philology 1) The study of the chronological development of languages or 2) The study of literature and of languages as it is used in literature.
Imagine, a group of people devoted to such a thing. Oddly enough, it sounds like a group of people I would like to befriend.


Kim Kincaid said...

Hey Jessica, Guess what? I used to be a member of the "Philology
Circle". They were a great bunch of readers but alas, they weren't too keen on fantasy. A shame.

Kim Kincaid said...

Quess what Jessica? I use to be a member of the "Philology Circle". A wonderful group of readers but alas, they didn't read fantasy.