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Monday, July 31, 2006


After work on Thursday I went to see my sister and her darling daughter. Lauren is adorable although slightly grumpy at times. Jen and John let me play with Lauren alone while they went to a wedding reception (from which they brought me chocolate.) Lauren liked some of the singing that I did. She did not like me reading to her from my book though. It seems that books without pictures do not interest her. Oh well, maybe in the future. I slept the night on the couch and had more fun the next morning. This includes making a cute video of Lauren with my new camera. The future movie star smiled, cooed, and blew bubbles at the camera. If I had the slightest idea how to load a video (and had her parents permission), I would put it on the blog. At 6:30 on Friday I left Salt Lake to have dinner with my best friend, Ryan. Afterwards, he wanted to go clubbing but I declined since I hate crowded, loud, smoke-filled places. We parted ways am I ended up renting a video and going home. On Saturday I was awakened by my oldest niece and her friend jumping on me and screaming at the top of their lungs. Grrr! Jess was a grumpy girl for a whole ten minutes. After breakfast my mood improved. Later that day, everyone met at Jeremy's house to celebrate Sid's birthday. Fun followed. After leaving the party, Jordan, Alison, Josh, Brooke, Marnie, and I ventured to Salt Lake where they attended the ReAL game (that's our local soccer team.) I took care of J and A's little boy, Isaac. After hanging out on a shady patch of grass, we ended up at Barnes and Noble. I took a picture of Isaac's hand and foot. I was elated to find that my new camera takes some great up-close shots. Later we went to see Jen, John, and Lauren. from the Fellowship Committee (which means I provided after-church meals so that bunch of singles can mingle) and was asked to be Branch Historian. I'm not sure what that entales, but am excited for the chance to do something new. I finished the books I was reading, "Princess Academy," by Shannon Hale.When the soccer game ended, I was there to pick up the group. On Sunday I was released from my calling It was a charming book for older kids.

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