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Monday, July 03, 2006

"A tale of two weekends"

This weekend was an interesting one. On Friday, I went to the birthday party of John. John, “lawyer” Ryan, Katie, Kyle, Curtis, “best friend” Ryan, Doug, Monica and I went to the Skybox at the Gateway for dinner. While the food was good, the waitress seemed to forget about us. We then went to a club that had dueling pianos. It was really cool. With a tip, people seated around the two pianos could request songs. The crowd would then sing along with them. John ended up singing on the pianos for his birthday. We stayed until about 12:30 am, then went to Bryan and Ryan’s house. After eating yummy birthday cake, I began to get tired and slightly annoyed. I witnessed behavior that I hadn’t wanted to see: a very drunk person, a few people who were having a hard time making conversation that didn’t include several expletives, and some people being idiots in the front yard. (I’ll leave the description at that) After leaving with Ryan and Kyle, we all agreed that we were disappointed in the actions of friends and acquaintances. Unfortunately, I stayed out way too late and didn’t get to bed until around 4 am.
On Saturday I worked from 12-4:30. After work I headed down to Woods Cross to be in their parade. My dad drives a foam truck for the refinery every year. Sidney and I rode on the back of the truck and threw candy. It was a lot of fun. After dinner with Mom, Dad, Britnie, Jeremy, Sidney, and Wyatt, I went out with Brittany (friend, not sister-in-law), Spencer, and Michelle. We walked around Barnes Park and ended up talking until they turned the lights out. We talked about funny and serious things. We then went back to my house around 12 and talked some more. It was a lot quieter than my Friday night but not necessarily less fun.
During church the next day, I couldn’t help but reflect on the two groups of people. Both groups have amazing people in them: God-fearing, kind, loving, smart, funny people. But there was a big difference. On Saturday, I didn’t have to worry about what would come out of people’s mouths (or what would go into them.) I thought about the differences between the two groups of people that I would consider friends. I would never expect anyone to change their actions around me. Everyone should be able to be exactly what they want to be. But, I must admit, it is frustrating to see people do things that you don’t agree with and to keep your mouth shut. I would hate to be judgemental. This weekend was like like two weekends instead of two consecutive days. They were so different and yet I did have fun both nights.

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