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Saturday, July 08, 2006

As promised...

As promised, more library pictures. These are more pictures of the packing and moving of books that occured in the last of June. Hmm, that sentence seems a little awkward. I wish I had pictures of what is happening right now. I suspect that the children's section is completely demolished by now. Maybe I will peak in the windows one of these days.

Adult Non-fiction #1
Adult Non-fiction #2
Children's Non-fiction #1
Children's Non-fiction #2

It seems so strange to think that I am not an employee of the Kaysville library any more. It has been a week since I was employed there. As much as I love my new job, I still miss Kaysville. I miss my fellow employees, my patrons, shelves, books, carpet, computer, typewriter, personal desk, hold shelf, reference room, and everything else. I even miss the patrons who used to yell at me for things that weren't my fault and the toilet that wouldn't stop running. Oh well, life is all about change. Life goes on.

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