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Monday, July 10, 2006


This last weekend I went miniature golfing. It has been a couple years since I've mini-golfed so it was fun. Brittany and Ryan went with me. In front of us was a cute family with two little girls. The younger one, perhaps of the age of 3, was hilarious to watch. It reminded me that I want to take Sidney mini-golfing one of these days. When totaled, I came in last. Oh well, such is life.
Afterwards, Ryan and I went to visit a friend of his at her birthday party. There was some smoking around and on the way home I had a hard time breathing. By the time we got to Ryan's house I was wheezing and my chest hurt. I hate how my body responds to smoke. I have never liked being around campfires or people who are smoking because, for some reason, my lungs are really sensitive. Ryan and I layed on his front lawn while my body calmed down. We talked for a little while and then I went home.
Saturday morning my dad and I went to the Bountiful temple for baptisms and then to IHOP for breakfast. After we came home I read until about 12:30. (Yes, I should have cleaned.) Jeremy, Britnie, Josh, and Brooke came over so that we could all go see "Superman Returns" to celebrate Father's Day. We figured it was better to celebrate Father's Day late because of the birth of Lauren and Isaac. Mom babysat Sidney and Wyatt while the rest of us went to lunch and then to the movie theater. The movie was pretty good. The new Superman, Brandon Routh, is pretty cute. He reminds me a little of Christopher Reeves, the Superman of the 1980's. I could see a sequel to this one, perhaps with a little superboy discovering his powers when he hits puberty. There have been a lot of movies based on comic books lately. The next one to look forward to is Spiderman 3. Sadly, we must wait almost a whole year until it is released. I love escaping into movies like these. I have often dreamed of having a superpower (besides the super-sarcasm that i now posess now :)
Today was a crazy day at work. It was strange to look up at the clock to realize that two hours had passed in a blink of an eye. Mondays are always crazy at the library. Between people coming for family night, people finishing their books over the weekend, and kids who just must check their e-mail, the library is scary on Monday. My feet hurt but it was nice that the time passed quickly. One bright spot in my day at work is that I found out that my recommendation for reading was put on the Davis County website under BookLetters staff picks. It is nice that someone at my new job thought I had a good recommendation. (For those who are interested, I recommended "Dead until Dark," a humorous vampire romance. I have tomorrow off so I get to go into Salt Lake City and play with my sister and my new niece, whom I haven't seen since she left the hospital. Yeh for days off!

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