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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Brief weekend update

As to not bore the readers, I will try to keep the recap of this weekend brief. After working on Friday, I went home to find my sister, Jen, and her daughter as my house. John had gone on a trip so Jen and Lauren decided to spend the weekend with us. After playing with Lauren for a while, I got ready to go out and play. Ryan and I went to Cracker Barrel to eat dinner, then went to Bryan and Ryan's house in SL. I had interesting conversations with Big Kyle, Curtis, Floyd, and Mikey. Kyle F. threw up over the side of the porch and then ended up sleeping on Bryan and Ryan's couch. I felt a little bad for him even though it was his own fault for drinking alcohol. I got a pretty good picture of Doug, Lawyer Ryan, and Mikey as well as a profile shot of both Curtis and Katie.

The next day I was at work by 9:30 am where I was greeted at the library by swarms of gnats. They hovered in clouds just waiting is unsuspecting people to open their mouths so that they might attack. It was truly disgusting. After working until 3:30, I arrived home and played with Lauren for a while. After dinner with Jen, Mom, and Dad, Josh and Brooke came over. Josh showed us a website that he was working on and they told us of the other exciting news in their lives. I guess Jordan, Alison, and Isaac had stopped by earlier because Mom had a picture of Isaac and Lauren side by side. Although it appears that Lauren is a little bigger to me, I was informed that Isaac actually weighs more. I stayed up with Lauren when Jen went to bed. By talking and rocking, I managed to get her to sleep.On Sunday morning I was awakened by my Dad and discovered that I had overslept. After a breakfast of waffles, I managed to make it to church for sacrament meeting. When I got home I finished "Come and See," a semi-biography of Mother Teresa. It was a journey of a photographer who went to India to meet Mother Teresa and found herself. I started "Definitely Dead" and finished it on Monday after working from 3-9 pm. Tomorrow I hope to get a haircut, do my visiting teaching, fix dinner, go to Institute, see some friends, take Alison to pick up their new car, and do some laundry.

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