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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A garden

This week was crazy. My boss, Joee, was sick on Thursday and gone from work on Friday. Because another coworker was already gone on vacation, I was alone most of the time in my cubicle/office. It was a lonely and busy time. I was so tired on Friday that I didn't really go out. Today, Sarah and I decided that it was time to plant. Well, actually I thought that it was time and she agreed to buy the plants. We bought two tomato plants, which I planted in pots in the back yard. I hate tomatoes but Sarah loves them. For the front patch, I bought flowers. I bought some Verbena, Gazania, two Osteospermum
, and a big Begonia on the end. I got to rip out all the old plants from the flower bed, dig up some horrible roots, then plant these beautiful flowers. I am so glad that Mom and Dad taught me how to garden. I hope they flourish. The picture of the metal iris was taken at the greenhouse. I just thought it was very cool. Tonight we are watching a movie and I will probably make some cookies later.


Josh said...

I think gardening can be very satisfying. I'm excited to be able to grow my own veggies.

Jennifer said...

Good luck with the garden. We're hoping things grow in ours this year.

jjohnsen said...

Home grown tomatoes are proof that God exists. You may not eat them, but someone's going to thank you for growing them.

Kim Kincaid said...

Good for you Jess. I didn't know you had such gardening skills. Ok, I know I'm always telling you about different books to read, but you have to get on the list for Shannon Hale's Austenland. Someone gave Hilary an ARC for her birthday and I read it while she was at work. You have to read it!!!!!(and Twilight too)