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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friends from work

As much as I complain about work, I really have made some really good friends there. One of them left this week. Natasha worked for Prosper for almost two years as the Executive Assistant. She was a wonder-woman; working miracles for the Executive Committee on a daily and weekly basis. On Thursday, Emily, Sherri, and I took Natasha out to lunch to say goodbye. I then took a big card around for members of the company to sign. It was hard to say goodbye on Friday. The two things that make me feel a little better is knowing that she is going to a great new job and that I will be able to contact her via phone and e-mail.
Another friend from work, Lindsey, had her birthday party on Saturday night. It was lot of fun. I met a couple of nice new people, talked with some people from work, and had some great food. The funniest part was when we tried to break open a pinata. It kept falling down from the balcony and then lost it's head. I can't believe how tough it was. Thanks for inviting me Lindsey! (I can't believe I forgot to take my camera to your party.)
My friends at work make my life so much easier. They listen to my problems and I listen to theirs. We share jokes, frustrations, food, and a building for 8-10 hours a day. Thanks guys.

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