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Friday, September 19, 2008

Work barbecue

On Thursday we had a company barbecue at the Corporate office. It was fun, but it is always a lot of work for the HR and Facilities departments. Erin and Ben did most of the prep work and Travis and Bradley did the cooking. Sadly, I was in charge of small talk and clean-up. I actually left after the food was set up and went back to work while people were waiting for their food. As must as I love my co-workers, I couldn't justify making small talk when I had 40 e-mails waiting. I came back a half an hour later and helped clean up. It was interesting to see my boss standing at a grill in a baseball hat (note the picture.) I wish we could have had a bigger grill but such is life. I hope we do more in the future.

1 comment:

Allyson said...

I agree with the bigger grill thing but it was fun and the hot dogs were yummy, good work!