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Friday, June 09, 2006

Hospital (an original poem)

by Jess, 2002

White walls; paper thin sheets, sterile.
Aliens with their language speak:
"MRI, EKG, CAT Scan"
Scenes familiar on tv shows but not in real life.

Pokes, prods, does this hurt?
"Time for medicine; just beep if you need me...
The doctor will see you know."
Clock ticks-breathe, clock ticks-breathe

Awaiting answers, beg for relief
Hurry up and wait. "Nothing's a hundred percent."
This won't be resolved in an hour plus commercials
Clock ticks-breathe, clock ticks-breathe

"HMO, X-Ray, CHEMO" - aliens again
Take me away to a hazy, angry place
Rain embraces me like a drunken stranger
No yellow walls, little blankets, still sterile.

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