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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A sad "biblio-death"

This week is the last that the Kaysville City Library is open. After five and a half years of working there, tomorrow is my last day. I thought I would take some before and after pictures of the library. This week, we packed up most of the books on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. After July 1st, it will be under the control of the Davis County Library system. They plan a huge renovation that will hopefully be finished around August 15th (that is if the contractors are all on time.) I won't be working there when it re-opens.

This is a view from my desk to the front of the library. It was taken last week. Below is the view is the view from my desk to the front of the library on Wednesday, June 28th.

The next two pictures are of the children's section. A lovely place where kids can sit at a little table and read books. It also has some fun stuffed animals. This was taken last week.

Below is the children's section as of Thursday, June 29th. We had a few kids come in today with their parents, who didn't realize that we were closing this week. The look of horror of their tiny faces was heartbreaking.

It really is the saddest thing you have ever seen. Well, perhaps not for you, dear readers. But for a librarian, it is a most pathetic sight. I am not looking forward to tomorrow. Maybe I will post some more pictures later.

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