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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weekend report

The weekend report includes the following: a wonderful dinner at Cafe Trio, playing with my darling niece and nephew on Saturday, dinner with the family, church, and ward prayer. My weekend started off with my getting off work at 5pm. I drove to Salt Lake for some fun with friends. Dinner was at a lovely cafe called Cafe Trio. The food was wonderful. I had the baked penne with the rosemary flat bread for an appetizer. Afterwards, Ryan and I went to an Internet cafe and hung out while talking, listen to music, and reading. I was home by 1 am, where I found Camille and a date on the couch watching a movie. On Saturday morning I drove to Bountiful to help clean up Grandma's yard. I ended up taking Lauren on a walk, where she proceeded become very annoyed with me when I wouldn't let her eat a pine cone. When we returned, Alison and Isaac joined the group. Dad, Mom, John, Jen, and Josh had worked hard so we all decided to go to dinner at Plates and Palates. So Mom, Dad, Jen, John, Lauren, Josh, Brooke, Tanner, Alison, Isaac, and I ate a wonderful dinner payed for by our dear father (or father-in-law.) Afterwards, we all went our separate way. Mom and Dad went to see Grandma J, who is in the hospital, and I drove home. I was so tired that I didn't go out to play.

Church was wonderful as always. Thus ends the report; not very poetic, but still completed.

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jjohnsen said...

Gah! Britnie decided to give me the day off so I could study the whole time. I forgot all about the clean-up. I need a reminder service.