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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Red devil and the tow truck

On Sunday morning, my car wouldn't start. When I turned the key, not one cough came from my red devil. I walked to church. I enlisted the help of Aunt Diane and Uncle Larry. On Monday night, they came over and looked at the car. Just in case it was the battery, we let it charge overnight. The next day, my car still persisted in being annoying. Aunt Diane drove me and my battery over to an auto parts store for testing. The battery was fine. We then had a brief conference around the kitchen table where it was decided that I should have my car towed to a repair shop that Larry recommended. On Wednesday morning, Aunt Diane came over and we had my car towed to a local repair shop. She graciously let me use one of her free tows from AAA and then drove me to the shop. I called mom for advise and to let her know what was going on. Three hours, and $323 later, my car was fixed. The starter had worn out and had to be replaced. All in all, it was a trying experience. The only bright points were Uncle Larry, Aunt Diane, and Mom (with her small loan.) I am so grateful for all the help these three individuals gave me. I am very glad to have a working vehicle again.


Megs said...

Isn't family wonderful!! I love the Knights (and the Johnsens, but you all already know that!)

-A said...

The "joys" of having a car! Glad it was able to be fixed and hope it runs problem free for many more moons.