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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April birthdays

This weekend, along with being Conference weekend, was the family celebration of three birthdays. Wyatt turned one years old and Brooke and Alison became a year older as well. (It has always been my opinion that once you hit 25, your age doesn't really matter that much.) I went over to Wyatt's house on Sunday afternoon to see Wyatt eat his cake. His parents had a small celebration that included Britnie's parents, brother, and his wife and son. We sang "Happy Birthday" to a confused Wyatt and then he was able to dive into his own cake, which he soon demolished. It was so cute to see him approach the cake, lick it a few times, then figure out that he could eat it. After a quick bath, he was able to open his many presents. My parents, Alison, Isaac and I left soon afterwards to catch the afternoon session on conference. At 5 pm on Sunday night, the whole family, with the exception of Jen, John, and Lauren, came over for dinner.
It was another good meal by Mom and afterwards we had ice cream cake. Alison and Brooke opened their presents, as did Wyatt. It is so nice to get together with family. Moving down to Orem has been fun, but I will admit that the hardest thing is being away from my family. Everyone else lives within a half an hour drive to Mom and Dad's house. But I guess an hour and fifteen minutes isn't so bad. I was the last to leave. On my way home, I talked to a new friend of mine, Brian. Because we celebrated Brooke and Alison's birthdays early, I would like to wish them a happy birthday for this coming week.

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