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Monday, April 23, 2007

A visit to Tahitian Noni

On Saturday afternoon I had the opportunity to go to a wedding shower for Christine, a fiancee of my cousin. They will be married in May. I must admit that I spent most of the time playing with my darling niece and nephew. Sidney and Isaac kept me busy. I most magical moment was when the three of us went outside to visit a dog. Dexter would bark and then Sidney would bark back. Then Isaac would laugh. A baby's laugh is the most magical of all sounds. After the shower, a bunch of the Roberts Clan went to dinner at the Tahitian Noni Cafe. The food was pretty good and Sidney loved the purple rolls. The greatest part about the meal was the garden tour after the meal. While Grandpa and Grandma sat for a while, Diane, Larry, Nancy, Mom, Dad, Sidney and I walked around. Sidney and I had a great time exploring. The streams and ponds were beautiful, and ran around hiding from Mom and Dad. When it was time to leave, Sidney and I threw some pennies into the fountain in the foyer of the building. She made a wish for her little brother and her parents. It was darling. I miss spending time with my nieces and nephews. When I got home I decided to finish preparing my Relief Society lesson. Sarah was supposed to teach part of the RS lesson on Sunday but wouldn't be back from Arizona in time. She asked me to fill in so I spent my Saturday night preparing an excellent lesson on Elder Holland's Conference talk. Camille and Dave came home and I went to bed to the sounds of their voices.

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