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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thursday update

I went on a date last night. Brian and I went to dinner at Cafe Rio, and then to the end of a jazz concert (he thought it started at 7:30, when it started at 6:30.) Afterwards we walked through the BYU art exhibit until the museum closed. It was a fun date even though there was no spark between us. By the end of the date, I think both of us felt like we were on a date with a cousin or something like that. Oh well, it was still fun to get to know someone new.
I read a cute children's book entitled Not a Box by A. Portis. It reminded me of stories that Mom has told me about her childhood. Grandpa used to bring home cardboard boxes that his children would play with. This book is about a cute little rabbit that has a similar experience.
If any of you are interested, I did not get the job at the library on the BYU campus. I am disappointed, but am sure there is a good reason that I didn't get it. Life continues in my little apartment. Sarah, Camille, and I are going to try to cook an Easter dinner together. I am not sure what it will be but I will probably plan the menu today.

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Kim Kincaid said...

One can always use another friend, right Jess? Thanks for the Patterson recommend. I actually started listening to the first one but had to return it before I got too far. I'll give it another try. Have you read Twilight yet? You must, Jess! Also, A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly. Good luck with the job hunting,