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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Birthday party

On Friday night I headed up to Salt Lake City to attend a birthday party. First, Ryan and I went to dinner at Paradise Bakery. May I suggest this wonderful place to anyone who is in the Sugarhouse area. It is on 21st south. I had a great sandwich/salad combo and an amazing brownie for dessert. After dinner we stopped by Wes' house to wish him a happy birthday (I don't know him that well.) Afterwards we went over to Brian's house where Ryan P. was celebrating his 30th birthday. I got him a DVD of older cartoons and a lovely card. The following pictures are of Ryan R., my best friend, with Dozer the dog in the foreground, and Ryan P. and Curtis talking about some interesting subject. I ended up staying much longer than I should have. I didn't get home until 1:15 am, where I was met by Dave and Camille watching tv. Sarah is still on a business trip. I miss her.

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Josh said...

If you didn't know, there's also a Paradise Bakery in Bountiful.